Frequently Asked Questions


1)    Do you only serve Black Children? 

Black Child Development Institute of Greensboro, Inc. (BCDI-G) serves all children regardless of race, national origin, creed or socio-economic status.

2)    Are there any fees for your services? 

Most programs offered by BCDI-G are free to children and their families.  However, there is a one-time enrollment fee and assessment fee for our Tutoring Program, and a low-cost weekly fee for our Summer Program and Afterschool Program.



3)    How are you able to offer free services?

BCDI-G is able to offer free and low-cost services through the generous support of agencies such as United Way  and The Corporation for National and Community Service.  We also receive support through county and state funding, Guilford County Schools, foundations, the faith-based community, and through membership support and individual contributions. Please visit the pages beneath the Ways to Give tab for additional information on how you can help us serve our community. 

4)    How can I help? 

Visit the pages beneath the Ways to Give tab for information on how you can support the work of our agency either through serving as a Volunteer, becoming a Member, donating items from our Wish List, or through financial contributions.

5)    What does my child have to do to be eligible for tutoring? 

There are no eligibility requirements for students, aside from being enrolled in the Guilford County Schools system.  In fact, we serve all students in Guilford County (K-12) who are in need of academic assistance. 

6)    How do I sign my child up for your tutoring program? 

Signing your child up for our Spirit of Excellence Tutoring Program is easy!  Just download the Tutoring Program application from our Applications page, or stop by our office for a paper copy. This form must be completed by a parent or guardian. Once all sections are completed and all Supporting Documents are collected (listed on the application), the application may be delivered to our offices at 415 N. Edgeworth Street, Ste. 230.

7)    What happens after I sign my child up for tutoring? 

There are a few additional steps you must complete after submitting you child's application in order to receive tutoring services:

                Tutoring Application Process Overview:

        1. Return application to the BCDI-G office

        2. Schedule an assessment for your child (this is for all K-8th grade students)

        3. Bring your child with you on your scheduled assessment date and pay the $5.00 assessment fee

        4. At the time of the assessment, your child will complete a Math and Reading assessment

        5. Pay enrollment fee once child is matched with a tutor, prior to beginning tutorial services


Once all documents are received and your child has completed the assessment, you will be contacted by a staff member who will discuss tutoring days, times, and locations for your child(ren)'s tutoring sessions.



8) Is tutoring offered year round?

At this time, tutoring sessions are available only during the school year (specifically October - June).  We usually begin accepting applications in late August and continue through March or April of the same academic year.  In the case of our tutorial sites reaching capacity, we reserve the right to stop accepting applications into the program at any time.



9) Do you offer services in the summer?

Yes, however, these programs are usually offered on a smaller scale and are more concentrated to specific needs or gaps indentified during the year.  Please call our office to learn what we will be offering this summer!



10) How do I get information about upcoming programs?

Our website will be updated on a regular basis with upcoming program/event information. Please check back with us often to see what is being planned!  Also, please note that information on upcoming programs will be sent to individuals on a monthly basis if you provide us with a current email address (or you can sign up for the e-newsletter now!).

We value the partnership that we have with our Sponsors. Please take a minute to support them by visiting their websites above. Also, if you would like to become a donor to BCDI-G click here.